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Customer satisfaction is the core of our attention. Therefore, Maslamani Group provides after-sales service and maintenance through an authorized service center by Samsung, The Service Center of Maslamani Group is considered the largest in orient countries and provides all necessary services as well as all original replacement parts of electric appliances and small home equipment.

Maslamani Group Maintenance

To secure your right, order Maslamani warranty.

Maslamani Group Warranty

With our warranty, you have the following privileges:

> Special offers and prices for Samsung products.
> Warranty up to 10 years.
> Credibility and speed.
> Free service campaigns.
> Supervision of highly qualified and experienced professional.
> Original replacement parts.
> Trained professional team for counseling and service.

Maslamani Group Warranty Policy

Maslamani Group offers warranty to customers for all products. Maslamani products have full warranty until they expire and warranty duration depends on the nature, appearance and functions of the product. The warranty enters into force upon signature of the sale contract with the first buyer only.

1. The warranty shall enter into force upon filling out the special card and presenting a purchase receipt i.e. original invoice or sales slip which includes: date of purchase, dealer’s name, product model and serial number. Maslamani Group is entitled to decline the warranty if any provided information is different from what has been signed on with the dealer or in case of adjustment or falsification.
2. Maslamani Group shall undertake to repair the damage or replace the damaged part after being convinced of replacement.
3. Warranty of damage repair is carried out by an authorized service center. The warranty shall be considered void in case there is a proof of attempt to repair the product by any other unauthorized party by Maslamani Group and the company shall not be responsible for any compensation in this regard.
4. Product repair or replacement by an authorized service center as set forth in the provision of this warranty shall not give the right to renew or extend the warranty under any circumstances.
5. This warranty shall apply only on physical damages or manufacturing and design defects excluding misuse.

This warranty shall not include the following faults:
1. Misuse including but not limited to lack of familiarity with product use or using it contrary to the instructions of the manufacturer during use or service and any defect resulting from using any other unauthorized devices by Maslamani Group.
2. Any malfunction resulting from poor product installation or use contrary to instructions or technical specifications and safety measures as set forth in the provisions of the user manual.
3. Fate and destiny, accidents, power, water, flame, conflicts, poor ventilation, voltage or any other reason out of the manufacturer’s control.
4. Any unauthorized product adjustments to meet other local or international standards and designs other than the standards and designs of the manufacturer.
5. Any damage to batteries as a result of overcharging or lack of capacity to use in accordance with set instructions in the product user manual. If product serial number has been changed or deleted or removed, misuse or product failure is defined by Company personnel.
6. In case of charging the batteries with unauthorized chargers by the manufacturer.
7. In case of breaking any seals of battery nozzles or cells.
8. This warranty shall not affect the legal rights related to the sale or purchase agreement and customer rights against the dealer.
9. This warranty shall not transferred to another person and it is considered as the only guarantee of the buyer in the product and neither the Company or any of its authorized centers shall be responsible for any accidental or defects as illustrated in product warranty. The Company shall not be responsible for any damages or loss of information marked or labeled on the product after repair or replacement.
10. This warranty shall not cover damages resulting from device fall, breakage, burn, negligence and indifference of the buyer and failure to maintain the device and any damages resulting from exposing the device to dust, sand, sunlight, water, humidity or nature such as lightning. It is prohibited to clean the device with any kind of oil and chemicals and it shall not cover rust.
11. Don’t clean LCD displays or plasma with water or other detergent and use special detergent only.
12. All the above mentioned information is only related to warranty and the buyer shall bear all expenses resulting from any other problems not mentioned in the provisions of this warranty. The Company shall preserve the right to take the final decision regarding the problem and any potential alternatives. Replacement units define the remaining of the original product warranty. Please refer to Maslamani’s Warranty Guide to review the related conditions and provisions where each product has different conditions and characteristics and there are some applicable limitations. These logistics are subject to change without prior notice.

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